Nintendo NX Deal Is A Vindication Of Nvidia's Shield Program

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Nintendo NX Deal Is A Vindication Of Nvidia's Shield Program

Post by RoboCop » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:24 pm

Reports that Nvidia's Tegra tech is going to power Nintendo's apparently portable NX console triggered a fairly familiar reaction online yesterday. Perhaps not all that familiar to those of you under the age of 20, but veterans will surely have gotten a sense of deja vu as the "Nintendoomed" brigade unfurled its banners and took to the web in full force. The response was almost as downbeat as when the Japanese giant first revealed the Wii a decade ago; a machine that was almost entirely misunderstood prior to launch but would go on to dominate that console generation.

While we'd certainly be cautious about predicting that NX is going to represent a Wii-style turnaround for Nintendo, it's tempting to wheel out the old adage that the wily firm should never be underestimated. Given that it has chosen to partner with tech expert Nvidia, there's plenty of scope to be optimistic, especially if you've been following that particular company's forays into mobile gaming of late.

Nvidia might be famous for creating monstrous graphics cards for PCs but the company has largely been locked out of the next-gen war due to the dominance of rival AMD, whose tech powers both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Many assumed that the NX would follow suit and harness AMD silicon, but yesterday's reports - which through our own snooping we've since discovered to be pretty watertight - now point to an Nvidia Tegra chipset being at the heart of Nintendo's new hardware, which has been described as a portable system with detachable controllers than can connect to your television set when required. ... ld_program
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