[APG] TF2 Parachute under maintenance

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[APG] TF2 Parachute under maintenance

Post by RoboCop » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:26 pm

Well first of all no I'm not neglecting you nor that too inactive apart from doing some essays, learning Italian as well posting some useful information into our forums that I've learned on computing.

It appears the latest Jungle Inferno on top of the outdated SourceMod plugins and Core engines are not functioning properly and has been blocking our TF2 Inventory server relay system. We have disabled SourceMod for the time beinging until Moose fixes and recompiles the SM plugins that won't give any deprecation warnings.

But also please let us know either from [APG] Forums or Discord, as we cannot help you out if you don't report any bugs.

Remember: no important bug reports - no gifts to give away!
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