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UT2004 Admin Commands 
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Post UT2004 Admin Commands
Log in as server administrator:
- adminlogin pass
- adminlogin user pass

Do administrator log out:
- adminlogout

Add/Remove bots:
admin addbots [amount]
admin killbots
admin killbots [amount]

Kick/Ban a online player:
admin kick [playername]
admin kickban [playername]

Server info:
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName [name]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail [e-mail]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MessageOfTheDay [Line1|Line2|Line3|Line4]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName [name]

Game settings:
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bLowGrav True/False
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bForceRespawn True/False
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF TimeLimit [minutes]
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bAllowBoost True/False
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bZoomInstagib True/False
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF GoalScore [amount]
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bAllowPlayerLights True/False
admin set XGame.InstagibCTF bAllowTrans True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo bEnableStatLogging True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowBehindView True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo bAdminCanPause True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators [amount]
admin set Engine.GameInfoMaxPlayers [amount]
admin set UnrealGame.TeamGame bPlayersBalanceTeams True/False
admin set Engine.Playercontroller bAdrenalineEnabled True/False
admin set Engine.Controller AdrenalineMax [amount]
admin set Engine.Controller Adrenaline [amount]
admin set Accuracy [-1;0;1]
admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowWeaponThrowing True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo bChangeLevels True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo bWeaponStay True/False
admin set Engine.GameInfo GameDifficulty [dificulty]
0.000000 (Novice)
1.000000 (Average)
2.000000 (Expierenced)
3.000000 (Skilled)
4.000000 (Adept)
5.000000 (Masterfull)
6.000000 (Inhuman)
7.000000 (Godlike)

Fun codes:
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Playername [name]
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo bAdmin True/False
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Score [score]
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Ping [ping]
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo HasFlag
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Deaths [deaths]
admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Team [Red;Blue;None]
admin set xgame.xpawn bOldInvis True/False
admin set xgame.xpawn binvis True/False
admin set xgame.xpawn MaxMultiJump [amount]
admin set xgame.xpawn bBerserk True/False
admin set xgame.xpawn bCanDodgeDoubleJump True/False
admin set xgame.xpawn bCanWallDodge True/False
admin set engine.playercontroller bgodmode True/False
admin set pawn bCollideWorld True/False
admin set pawn bNoWeaponFiring True/False
admin set pawn drawscale [amount]
admin set pawn waterspeed [amount]
admin set pawn jumpz [amount]
admin set pawn health [amount]
admin set pawn groundspeed [amount]
admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=+950.000000
admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=-950.000000
admin set CTFFLAG drawscale [amount]
admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo weaponberserk [amount]

Weapon fire:
admin set xWeapons.weapon firemodeclass class'xweapons.weaponfire'

AssaultRifle BioFire
BallLauncher BioChargedFire
BioRifle FlakFire
ClassicSniperRifle FlakAltFire
FlakCannon LinkAltFire
LinkGun RedeemerFire
Minigun RedeemerGuidedFire
ONSAVRiL ShieldFire
ONSGrenadeLauncher ShieldAltFire
ONSMineLayer ShockProjFire
supershockrifle ShockBeamFire
Redeemer SuperShockBeamFire
RocketLauncher SniperFire
ShieldGun AssaultFire
ShockRifle AssaultGrenade
SniperRifle MinigunFire
TransLauncher MinigunAltFire
admin set xWeapons.weapon firemodeclass class'onslaught.weaponfire'

Weapon Ammo:
admin set xWeapons.weapon ammochargef [amount]

Change Weapon skin:
admin set xWeapons.weapon attachmentclass class'WeaponAttachmen'

Enable/Disable weapon throwing in curent game:
admin set xWeapons.weapon bCanThrow True/False

admin set xWeapons.ShieldGun bCanThrow True/False
admin set xWeapons.Translauncher bCanThrow True/False


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