CoD:IW 14th Feb Patch Update

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CoD:IW 14th Feb Patch Update

Post by RoboCop » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:35 pm

Featured Content and What’s New
• Lobby Party Indicator
• Showing team balance in pre-match lobby

General Fixes
• General fixes for bugs found in Leaderboards
• Drop Zone: Score limit increase from 600 to 750. Adjustments to hill rotations. Removed high tier streaks from the first hill to prevent an unfair advantage at the beginning of the match. All hills after the first have a chance at all streaks regardless of tier
• Infected and Gun Game: Allow for player customization. Infected will still replace Synaptics with a random default customization. Infected now increase match timer on Survivor suicides
• Slight decrease to the Vulture’s overall speed and acceleration. Slight decrease in damage of the Vulture’s turret
• Fixed players knees clipping into player view if they sprinted while jumping from boost jump height
• Uplink fix where players could pass the drone through ha short wall in Terminal
• Fixed a scrolling issue while in the armory
• A player with the Tracker perk equipped was unable to hear another player boost jumping with the Dead Silence perk equipped. This has been fixed
• Removed showing the public rank in private or system link pause menus
• Fixed Steel Dragon damaging a player with Charge Shield
• Fixed a bug where incorrect information about a player could be displayed in the MP lobby
• Fixed damage feedback icon for not displaying the first time in a round

Zombies in Spaceland/Rave in the Redwoods
• Fixes for players losing their weapons when Pack-a-Punching (ZiS)
• Several out of map exploits fixed (Rave)
• Fix for being able to replenish ammo after putting the harpoon back in the cabinet and picking it up back up • Fix for random dancing zombies that could remain after the music has stopped
• Fix for various zip line bugs that could occur
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes ... 5407466059
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