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 Forum: [APG] Clan Introductions   Topic: My Clan Introduction!

 Post subject: My Clan Introduction!
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:06 pm 

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... Half-Life: Opposing Force Do you have Microphone: No, I can talk through my phone but I kinda feel weird talking on English, so sorry i dont think i could do that. What Timezone Are You In: UTC +01:00 What Can You Bring To APG: I would offer my kind of system to have often events on ...

 Forum: [APG] Call Of Duty   Topic: Would you buy CoD:WW2 or not?

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:50 pm 

Replies: 4
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Not gonna buy it because i dont play call of duty

 Forum: [APG] The Dome Zone   Topic: -~=RUST=~-

 Post subject: Re: -~=RUST=~-
Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:21 am 

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... I would be happy to host the server on my dedicated server machine which currently doesn't have any servers running. I use Windows. I just dont have the cash to buy it for $20 yet, so I was wondering if there is a way to play it without buying it.

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: [HLDS] RCBot v1.443-beta Released!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:14 pm 

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... in squad back to formation in squad menu. added: more lift/elevator functionality. added: bots in svencoop search for weapons they need if they dont have weapon to kill gargantuas etc. added: improved Aliens in NS (they check out buildings under attack etc) added: new commands "config balance_teams" ...

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: For those intrested in giving MOHAA an other try

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 7:29 am 

Replies: 9
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... shouldnt be needing if you download the mohaa from the mohaarevival website) just let me know. I got a very old but working polish no-cd key (i dont understand it due its polish language but clicking on thinking should give you the right installation haha) Anyway me personally like to keep the ...

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: Your personal style, the clothes you wear

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:40 pm 

Replies: 10
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... rubbish price. i had one of those ben shepard leather coats cost'd me £120 but only lasted me for 2 years as those leather fabrics bloody worn out dont let ya your young head make you do things ya regret if you didnt bother having a butchers on the review rates

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: Windows 10 S Edition?

 Post subject: Re: Windows 10 S Edition?
Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:33 pm 

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still using dead search site lycos eh? well the w10s seems pointless if you cant get owt elsewhere from the win store. so i dont seem why any of yous lot care to spend a few bob on those machines

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: For those intrested in giving MOHAA an other try

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 8:29 am 

Replies: 9
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... of this game for free. Theres still an active community of various players playing every day, clanwars, public servers its still all there! Dont be fooled by the looks in the 'trailer' because its been recorded with Fraps i believe. For a game that old the graphics look really decent. And ...

 Forum: [APG] Open Discussion   Topic: The Best Phones of 2017

 Post subject: Re: The Best Phones of 2017
Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:21 pm 

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Honestly dont think the SE holds a place in 2017. With the release of the 7 theres no point getting it imo.

 Forum: [APG] Matches and Events   Topic: Gmod Event?

 Post subject: Re: Gmod Event?
Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:33 pm 

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RoboCop wrote:
Well I think what bjorn is saying he can maybe only hire a Gmod server with the private slots, but not afford for the public slots as they cost more.

I dont use a 24/7 host :P i host it on my own
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